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Halifax Hydrostone was born out of crisis, in the aftermath of the Halifax explosion. The Halifax Explosion rocked Halifax and was heard all the way in Boston. The explosions devastated the North End of Halifax. The explosion gave birth the Hydrostone district and the neighbourhood was completed in the 1920. The same architectural theme is carried on throughout the Hydrostone district will slight variations on its inspiration, an English –style garden suburb. The design of the neighbourhood was develop according to the most up to date yet practical principles of town planning. Mainly housing displaced working class families from the Halifax explosion. 

In memory of the beautiful gothic church and as cultural displays, the original 1960’s church stone, the corner stone and three stained glass windows depicting the impact of the explosion were salvaged and incorporated into SJS building design.

The adaptive reuse of these heritage materials is held in trust for the benefit of present and future generations as follow:

– The stained glass windows are displayed in a this monument wall
– The original corner stone is seen below this interpretive board
– The salvaged stone is integrated as features of the new building base

Three of these windows are displayed here representing 3 moments of time during the Halifax Explosion.

These materials possess heritage value in their own right and have historical, cultural and architectural significance for the North End community and the city of Halifax. 

Monument Wall Installation Videos: 


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